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The Big League For Adult Internet Performers Who Register On

Whether you are a webcam model, phone sex operator, an exotic dancer, an escort, a fashion model or a performer of any type - we understand that extra little bonus in the form of gifts, keeps you smiling as well as, enhances your desire to work, that much more.

A bonus for many of you - over and above monetary earnings you work so hard for - comes from the many clients who wish to spoil you as their favorite performer, by sending you gifts. Of course for security purposes, you must refrain from divulging your real identity or personal address to anyone, and thats where Models Wish List, comes into play.

We created Models Wish List as a hub for performers to direct clients to, in case they want to spoil you. To take advantage of the generous clients that you encounter, Amazon Wish List has become the ultimate tool for performers in many fields. Many of these same clients have a strong desire of financial domination that goes outside the box of paying performers for what they do best - by sending gifts that you previously selected and saved to your Amazon Wish List.

You simply direct your client to and they will search for you by your performer name, as they know you best. With a few clicks of a mouse, clients complete a short registration process and they are then able to access the profile of their favorite performer as well as - the link to the performers Amazon Wish List.

Registering On Helps Adult Internet Voyeurs Find You

After you create your Wish List on Amazon, simply register your assumed adult Internet performer name on and create a simple profile. You have the option to upload up to 5 non-nude photos on your profile on Attractive profile pictures help Internet voyeurs find you. They then can access your wish list and decide what it is they wish to buy for you, during their visit.

When you talk with clients who voice a desire to buy you special things or gifts, you verbally tell your clients to find you on Models Wish List and search for you by the performer name or handle you are registered under.

Advantages Of Posting My Adult Internet Performer Profile on

When an Internet voyeur access, they complete a one-time registration and are then able to search our database of adult Internet performers profiles.

When the Internet voyeur locates their favorite adult Internet performer, they access that profile to access the adult Internet performers Amazon Wish List. eliminates extensive web searching by Internet voyeurs who have the spontaneous desire to splurge on their favorite adult Internet performer. Performers will find clients enjoy the ease of a one stop location to find them and splurge on them, repeatedly. Internet voyeurs can save their favorite adult Internet performers for easy access, the next time they visit,

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